When performed correctly by an experienced, well-trained medical professional, vaginal rejuvenation surgery can be a highly beneficial procedure for women struggling with issues related to physical sexual arousal and mild urinary incontinence.

As with any major surgery, however, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, called a vaginoplasty, is not without its fair share of risks. Rates of long-term complications or satisfaction from vaginoplasty have been documented or studied very little, with risk factors for vaginal rejuvenation surgery including permanent changes in sensation, scarring, ongoing pain, and infection.

Many of these risks can be avoided or eliminated simply by choosing a high-quality doctor that has received the proper training (including the latest risk-reducing surgery techniques), has ample experience in and patient success stories with vaginal rejuvenation in particular, and with whom you feel comfortable discussing your surgery hopes and expectations.

Choosing a Trustworthy Physician for Your Procedure

You should opt for a doctor that can answer your questions as completely as possible, to your full understanding, so that you can go into your vaginal rejuvenation surgery fully informed of the risks, what steps your doctor is taking to avoid them, and a realistic vision of what your genitals will look and feel like afterward.

Fortunately for patients considering undergoing a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas works diligently to reduce these risks for our patients by employing a highly-trained team of experienced gynecological professionals, giving our patients access to a wealth of information that they can use to make their decision.

Surgeries like vaginal rejuvenation are one of the few purchases in life where it not only doesn’t pay to go with the cheapest or most amateur option, but it can be downright deadly. That’s why choosing the right surgeon is vitally important in order to ensure the success of your vaginal rejuvenation procedure, regardless of cost. No one should feel as though they have to gamble with their health and wellbeing just to save a few dollars.

Instead, your decision in choosing a physician should be guided by their levels of expertise, experience, and overall positive bedside manner. And when it comes to these matters, Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas is unparalleled in our standards.

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