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Bring Back Pleasure, Comfort, and Control With One Procedure

Vaginoplasty is for any healthy woman who has a moderately to extremely wide vagina and who wants to tighten this area of her body. While around 90% of the Dallas patients we see seek treatment as the result of vaginal childbirth, we help many women who have delivered through C-section or who do not have children. An aging body and heredity can also lead to a wider vagina.

Patients choose to have vaginoplasty with Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas for several important reasons.

A better sex life.

With a single surgery, women can restore the sensitivity and friction that they and their partner enjoyed before. The degree of tightening they will experience will be based on extensive consultation with Dr. Brady. Typically, the procedure returns them to the tightness they had after losing their virginity but before childbirth.

Improved comfort.

When the diameter of the vaginal canal and opening have increased, women may find that tampons do not stay in place, that their vagina makes unwanted noise during sex and other physical activities, and that they have decreased tone and a feeling of looseness. Vaginoplasty can correct these issues.

Return to dating.

A woman who is re-entering the dating pool at a later stage of life may want to get back the confidence she had before her body changed. Vaginoplasty can let her feel more youthful and open to intimacy with a new partner.

Better control over urination and bowel movements.

Incontinence can be a major struggle for women after childbirth. Bladder and rectal prolapse can prevent them from having normal urination and bowel movements. Dr. Brady can fix pelvic organ prolapse at the same time as a vaginoplasty, and the procedure may be covered by the patient’s insurer.

Exploring Options with Vaginoplasty

Each patient’s experience will begin with a consultation at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas. During the visit, Dr. Brady will take the time to get to know her, talk about the problems she’s been having, and get a sense of what she’d like to accomplish with treatment.

Patients will benefit from a comprehensive physical examination. Dr. Brady will determine the degree of vaginal relaxation and compare this to the patient’s expectations with treatment. Typically, women will come into the office with a four-to-five finger vaginal width and have as their goal to be reduced to a two-finger width.

If a patient is a good candidate for vaginoplasty, Dr. Brady will discuss the procedure with her and answer any questions she may have. In general, women should wait until they are done having children before vaginoplasty since labor, even a C-section, can undermine the benefits of the surgery.

Comparing Vaginoplasty to Non-Surgical Solutions

Women’s Wellness Institute is the only physician-led practice in Dallas that specializes in sexual health and cosmetic gynecology. As a result of her expertise, Dr. Brady is able to offer different treatments based on a patient’s needs, including both surgical and non-surgical approaches.

Vaginoplasty repositions the pelvic muscles and tightens the vaginal canal and opening. As a result, it offers very effective and permanent improvement for women with moderate to severe needs.

For women who have less severe vaginal relaxation, Dr. Brady may instead recommend a non-surgical method. Votiva® is a well-established treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to heat the vaginal tissue gently. This process can stimulate the development of natural collagen, which makes the skin firmer and more elastic. Increased tightness can improve sensation during sex without the recovery time that surgery requires.

“My results are great & I can’t imagine going through this with anyone but her.”– A.P. FROM DALLAS, TX

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“The office staff were excellent in preparing and explaining the entire process. There were in close contact with me pre and post op. Dr. Brady is very professional and personable. She puts you at ease.”
– Happy Patient

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Dr. Brady and Angie! They not only educated me on my options and answered all my questions, but they made me feel completely comfortable! Going to learn and hear about options available to you, regarding this type of surgery, can be intimidating and scary; However, I left their office feeling like I was amongst friends! Wonderful experience!”
– Happy Patient

Dr. Brady, I can’t thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of me. Your patience, professionalism, and clinical expertise are unmatchable! Thank you for taking such great care fo me! Also, your staff is amazing! Thanks.
– J.M.

Just wanted to say thank you for the flowers from your office! They are beautiful and made my day. I’m in very little pain and no bleeding! I am so excited because this week and next I was dreading but if this is the way it goes, I’m am ready!! Thanks to Dr. Brady and ALL of your staff for making this a great experience for me.
– R.M.

Practice Administrator with Patient
Dr. Brady with Happy Patient

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