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A Single Surgery to Help Women Look and Feel Their Best

Many patients choose to have labiaplasty for aesthetic reasons. They aren’t happy with the way their loose labial skin looks, and they feel less confident in their appearance and in intimate situations. Labiaplasty offers a firmer, younger appearance.

Alternatively, about half of the patients who come to Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas for labiaplasty decide to have the procedure to resolve their discomfort. As examples:

  • They may experience irritation or uncomfortable bulging when wearing certain clothes, like a thong or yoga pants.
  • They might not be able to enjoy their favorite activities, like horseback riding or spin.
  • Sagging labial skin may interfere with intercourse or personal hygiene. Patients may have to move this tissue out of the way during sex or adjust this skin when placing a tampon.

Surgery revises the sagging labial skin in a way that resolves irritation, frees patients to wear and do what they want, and increases the pleasure of intimacy.

Exploring Options with Labiaplasty

Each patient will begin with an initial consultation at Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas. During this visit, Dr. Brady will take the time to get to know her and to learn about her goals.

Dr. Brady will also perform a physical examination, during which patients can show her their specific areas of concern. Labiaplasty can address the inner (minora) labial lips, the outer (majora) labial lips, or both. Because our practice has extensive experience in labiaplasty procedures, patients also have the opportunity to look through a variety of before and after photos to get a sense of the results they can expect.

Dr. Brady emphasizes education as part of patient care. Some of the details she tends to discuss with patients follow:

  • In addition to creating a firmer appearance, Dr. Brady can perform the labiaplasty in a way that gives the labia a pinker pigmentation, which we tend to associate with youthfulness.
  • Excess skin often affects the area around the clitoris. To make the labia match aesthetically with this area, labiaplasty usually includes reductions of the clitoral hood, either by removing skin at the side (hood reduction) or by lifting the hood (clitoropexy).
  • Labiaplasty does not affect a woman’s ability to deliver vaginally in the future. The surgery also does not affect the g-spot, and Dr. Brady does not operate on the clitoris or its nerves directly, so there is no risk of diminishing sexual sensation.

During a patient’s consultation, recovery, restrictions, and pricing will be discussed in detail. Dr. Brady will also take the time to answer any questions a patient may have so each patient can confidently make a fully informed decision involving her individualized treatment plan.

Comparing Labiaplasty to Non-Surgical Solutions

Because Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas specializes in sexual health and cosmetic gynecology, we offer expertise in a variety of procedures and can recommend an approach matched to each woman’s needs. Dr. Brady spends significant time in consultation with patients discussing treatment options and setting expectations for the degree of improvement they can expect.

As an alternative to labiaplasty surgery, Dr. Brady also provides patients with ThermiVa® treatments. Good candidates for this approach are patients who:

  • Want to tighten the labia majora. ThermiVa is not usually an optimal treatment for the labia minora.
  • Have mild to moderate sagging skin.
  • Will be happy with a limited degree of tightening.

Patients who have more severely sagging skin should consider labiaplasty instead of ThermiVa. Also, Dr. Brady may recommend labiaplasty for Dallas patients who want a significantly flatter, firmer result for either aesthetic or comfort reasons.

Kind and Caring

A Board Certified Gynecologic Surgeon who compassionately understands what you want.

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Meet Dr. Brady

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What to Expect with Labiaplasty

Once a patient decides they’re ready for labiaplasty, we will have them come in for a pre-operative appointment and provide them with prescriptions and resources to make their recovery more comfortable. For patients from outside of Dallas, Women’s Wellness Institute can schedule appointments in a way that decreases the amount of travel.

Procedures will take place in an accredited outpatient surgical center. Most patients will have labiaplasty under general anesthesia, though Dr. Brady can also perform the surgery with IV sedation and local anesthetic. The specific techniques that she will use will depend in part on whether the surgery focuses on the labia majora, the labia minora, or both.

Dr. Brady uses an Ellman® scalpel for labiaplasty procedures to give patients a more aesthetically appealing outcome and faster recovery. This device applies radiofrequency energy, revising the sagging skin while preventing damage to surrounding tissue. She will close the site with dissolvable stitches that should go away within 4-6 weeks.

“My results are great & I can’t imagine going through this with anyone but her.”– A.P. FROM DALLAS, TX

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“The office staff were excellent in preparing and explaining the entire process. There were in close contact with me pre and post op. Dr. Brady is very professional and personable. She puts you at ease.”
– Happy Patient

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Dr. Brady and Angie! They not only educated me on my options and answered all my questions, but they made me feel completely comfortable! Going to learn and hear about options available to you, regarding this type of surgery, can be intimidating and scary; However, I left their office feeling like I was amongst friends! Wonderful experience!”
– Happy Patient

Dr. Brady, I can’t thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of me. Your patience, professionalism, and clinical expertise are unmatchable! Thank you for taking such great care fo me! Also, your staff is amazing! Thanks.
– J.M.

Just wanted to say thank you for the flowers from your office! They are beautiful and made my day. I’m in very little pain and no bleeding! I am so excited because this week and next I was dreading but if this is the way it goes, I’m am ready!! Thanks to Dr. Brady and ALL of your staff for making this a great experience for me.
– R.M.

Practice Administrator with Patient
Dr. Brady with Happy Patient

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