Dr. Wesley Brady is the absolute Gold Standard in her field. My recent Labiaplasty was not only a huge success but it changed my appearance from a 60 year old to a 22 year old in my vaginal area.I weigh 122 lbs., am 5’6 and have worked out all my life and my body is quite fit and firm but I started to notice the sagging skin in my female area and no matter how many kiegels I would do nothing was going to tighten the loose skin in my vaginal area. After doing some checking Dr. Brady was highly recommended to me as an outstanding doctor and surgeon so I wasted no time in scheduling my appointment. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Brady listened to my concerns and her skill in delivering my expectations. In fact what she performed was not short of a miracle.


Now I am tight, my excess skin is youthful and pink in my vaginal area and the sex is unbelievable not only because of the results but because of the way I feel about myself and how I know I look to my husband.Of course I had reservations at first because I also had to talk my husband into this procedure but as soon as I met Dr. Brady and her superior staff, I was immediately relieved and they made me feel so relaxed and I was saying lets get my surgery scheduled as soon as possible. Dr. Brady’s staff takes care of you and your every need from pre-op visits thru post-op and are always available for questions and support.I want to warn you this will be a life changing procedure and an opportunity of a lifetime so I would advise any lady to go for it! The fact is we do not have to accept and deal with the aging process to our bodies.


Let’s face it our female area does take a lot of beating during our lifetime and childbirth doesn’t help. So anyone who is thinking about this procedure I tell you go for it because you deserve the best life has to offer. Who says you have to grow old gracefully! A girl’s life just doesn’t get any better than this – aging in reverse. Dr. Brady, I love and appreciate all you have done for me and my husband thanks you as well.


SG –Frindswood, TX
Labiaplasty of the Labia Minora and Labia Majora & Vaginal Rejuvenation

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